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The quality is crappy but I needed these two gifs in my life(x)

#j2sday samwinchester23:

Jensen & Jared.Nobody beats them! NEVER!!!

#j2sday samwinchester23:

Jensen & Jared.Nobody beats them! NEVER!!!

Top 5 Prompt #2: Five Hopes for Season 10


I didn’t do prompt 1 for this challenge from the bittersamgirlclub (everybody else managed to cover most of my favourites!) but here’s my attempt at part 2: Sam-related hopes for season 10.


1. Sam’s tattoo. I want series 10 to address the fact that Sam’s anti-possession tattoo got burned off and ideally I want Sam to address it himself, probably by getting some extensive (and extensively badass) new tattoos. I may already have addressed this issue in fanfic (sorry for the self-pimping) but I WANT IT IN MY EYES thanks.


2. Friends for Sammy! I’d echo percysowner in wanting Sam to be given a proper confidante who respects his feelings and values him primarily. His relationship with Jody does some of that work but I got a bit fed up in seasons 8 and 9 with Dean always getting the take-home moments with the supporting cast at the end of the hunt. What happened to Dean being the anti-social one? Sam’s so empathetic and HE DESERVES TO BE LOVED goddammit.


3. The Mark of Cain. I would like Dean’s experiences with the Mark of Cain to give him insight into Sam’s issues in season 9: that is, I would like him to understand why having a supernatural power possess your body is something that Sam considers to be a worse fate than death. Ideally I’d like them to have a conversation about this that allows them to reach a real emotional resolution! COME ON SEASON 10 YOU CAN DO IT!!


4. Curing Dean. OBVIOUSLY, Sam should use his blood to cure Dean a la the season 8 finale. HERO SAMMY!! In my fantasy world there would be additional consequences i.e. Sam’s ‘tainted’ blood is now in Dean, too… what might this mean?


5. Sexy studious Sam. OK so in contrast to my other criteria which are motivated by deep character-related needs, this one is purely self-indulgent. PLEASE an episode where Sam gets to play a hot university professor and all the students are in love with him and he is super-bashful! HOT PROFESSOR SAM 2K14!

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So get this,

There’s a lot of wincest fans out there. A lot. While we may not all define Wincest in the same way, and we may express ourselves on the topic in different manners, there is one thing we can agree on:

Sam + Dean = LOVE


I mean, their love stopped the freaking apocalypse.

The least it can do is bring together a bunch of fans for a weekend of discussion and debate, along with just the teensiest bit of objectification. We’re still working out the details, but the panel on the homoerotic subtext of Supernatural WILL take place at 4PM, we can guarantee you that.

We’re working out a plan, and we think it’s a pretty good one, but before we take the next steps, we need to know that we’re not alone in wanting to do this. Well, more than just wanting to do this. We need to know that you’re willing to put aside some time in your schedules and spend some money on travel (and give us just enough to cover the expenses of putting this on). For right now, we’re focusing on a Saturday/Sunday convention in JUNE 2015 located in AUSTIN, TEXAS.

So here’s what we need you to do:

 Reblog this post and bold which of the following statements definitely applies to you. Use italics for the ones that you’re interested in but can’t commit to. If you just want to help signal boost, go ahead and reblog the post but don’t use any bold or italics.

  • I want to go and I’m willing to pay up to $25 on top of my travel/hotel expenses.
  • I want to go and I’m willing to pay $50 to $75 on top of my travel/hotel expenses.
  • I want to go and I’m willing to pay $100 or more on top of my travel/hotel expenses.
  • I want to go and I want to throw a large sum of money at you because I’m awesome and I want to help you make this happen.
  • I’d love to set up a vender’s booth or sponsor the con in some way, and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.
  • There’s no way I can go, but I’d be willing to give you at least $10 for a virtual pass that lets me stream the whole weekend.

We’re asking you to reblog this post in order to get a general idea of who is interested. Reblogging this does NOT indicate a binding commitment from you to us. We will be using Kickstarter to fund this, allowing us to ensure that NO ONE will be giving us any money unless we get enough to make this happen.

Please make sure to change the settings so it reblogs as a text post and not a link – just click next to the gear icon in the top right hand corner of your screen after you hit the reblog button.

Questions? Our Ask Box is open, or you can email winfest2015@yahoo.com or check out our FAQ here.

You Will Be


Here is my entry into the Wincest Fan Fic Network’s first competition!

The challenge was “Choose an episode from Season One of Supernatural and write a scene that was never included in the original script.”

I chose the pilot episode.  I hope you enjoy!


“You think Mom would have wanted this for us?”

As he says the words, Sam wonders how many times Dean had the same thought.  He wonders if Dean ever questioned why it felt so good to have his younger brother pressed against him under sweaty motel sheets.  If Dean deconstructs every stolen, secret moment of their youth the way Sam has.  If he ponders how or why that clumsy, desperate passion gave way to more, so much more.  He wonders if Dean felt the same nauseous shame, the same deep sadness that Sam had wrapped around himself like a protective cocoon ever since he left for Stanford.

“So what are you gonna do?  You’re just gonna live some normal, apple pie life?  Is that it?”

Sam over-analyzed his relationship with Dean for years.  He knew all the facts.  Their emotional growth took place in isolation.  While they were kept safe by a loving father who did the best he could, they starved for the tender touch of the mother who was ripped away from them too soon.  John was too driven by revenge and fear to give his sons the gentle affection they needed and so naturally, they sought solace in each other.  Teenage hormones and too many life-or-death close calls shaped them into wanton, reckless, boys who took pleasure where they could find it.  In one another.  Sam and Dean transcended brothers and friends, becoming lovers before Sam was done with puberty.  Sadly, understanding the pathology didn’t make Sam’s feelings for his brother any clearer or the soul-deep desire he felt for Dean ache any less.

“No.  Not normal.  Safe.” 

Sam left because he was being smothered.  His identity was constantly folded up, packed away, shoved into some hidden corner of his body.  His soul had become a hardened little lump of coal clanking around in his big, useless shell.  The life was being sucked out of him every cramped minute he spent in the backseat of Impala or shabby motel room, consumed with lying and hiding.  They had to stay safe, had to keep moving, had to keep secrets, so many secrets.  Sam couldn’t be honest with teachers, classmates, or friends.  He never formed real relationships, was too plagued with worry and the bitter taste of lie after lie.  He feared Dad would find out he had aspirations outside of hunting or that he and Dean had long since become more than brothers.  Sam began to resent Dean too, even question what had grown between them.  A bond forged in secret, in the dark.  Doubt and guilt became constant companions and helped Sam build all those walls.

“And that’s why you ran away.”

It feels like a lifetime ago but Sam’s body knows better.  It hasn’t forgotten.  The adrenaline pulsing through his veins as he pounces on the shadowy intruder in his living room brings back his years of training in an instant.  He feels strong, quick, and capable.  He’s proud in that moment, feeling like a capable protector.  Pride dissolved to shock and his skin flushes with arousal upon realizing it’s his brother pressing him to the floor.  Dean’s husky, dirty-velvet voice sends a tremor down his spine, making his body arch involuntarily under his touch.  Sam wants to believe he has moved on but his body betrays him.  Now his heart betrays him too.  Even as he tries so hard to resist the pull of his beautiful, charismatic brother, that familiar ache in his chest grows.  His carefully constructed barriers began to fall away, layer by crumbling layer. 

“I was just going to college.  It was Dad who said if I was gonna go I should stay gone.  And that’s what I’m doing.”

Dean never understood Sam’s reasons for leaving, wouldn’t outwardly accept that it runs deeper than simply trying to escape the life thrust upon him by fate.  They haven’t seen one another in almost two years but Sam is just as good at reading the emotions on Dean’s face as he ever was.  He can see the pain flicker in Dean’s eyes as Sam blames it all on Dad, yet again.  Dean never believed that he wasn’t the real reason Sam left.  The truth was Sam couldn’t look him in the eye and tell him that their relationship wasn’t at least part of what made him go.  Back then all Sam wanted was a fresh start, a second chance.  Something pure and honest and good that didn’t fill him with that sticky, dark, longing he always felt for Dean.  Sam’s heart was spilling over with thorny, choking vines that had grown without the benefit of light.  He wanted a chance to love freely, in the sunshine, cultivate something simple and beautiful – like what he had now with Jess.

“Yeah, well, Dad’s in real trouble right now.  If he’s not dead already.  I can feel it.”

What Dean was asking wasn’t about Dad, not really, not for either of them.  The deep pools of Dean’s eyes swim with loneliness and hurt.  Hurt Sam had put there.  The guilt stings as Sam tries to avoid those jade green orbs.  He fails and they pull him in, make his heart vines cinch tight, their thorns digging deep.  Sam’s suffering forces him to retaliate.  He makes Dean beg.  He craves the sting of pleasure-pain he gets from feeling needed by his brother.  He longs for that wobbly, nauseous tickle in his stomach he gets looking at his brother’s gorgeous face as it twists up in desperation.  Feeling needed, wanted, and necessary was salve to Sam’s reopened wounds.  Dean didn’t disappoint.

“I can’t do this alone.”

“Yes you can.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t want to.”

Sam still feels in control when he goes back inside to explain things to Jess.  He gave Dean what he wanted but knew he’d come back to her soon.  He could envision his future-self curled around her warm, powder-scented softness in the bed they shared, his interview aced, and their life together back on track.  This little detour wouldn’t hurt anyone.  Sam doesn’t let Jess kiss him on the lips when they say goodbye.  He doesn’t want to taste the lingering slick of her cherry chap stick on his mouth as he drives away with his brother.  He doesn’t want to think about how her lips are soft and plush like the only ones he’d ever kissed before.  Perfect and full, just like Dean’s.

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 New Dean + full body Sam + Dean shots from the

Bad out there" Supernatural preview  (CW Summer) 






Jensen Ackles is not homophobic
Jensen Ackles is not homophobic
Jensen Ackles is not homophobic
//jensen ackles is not homophobic//
 !!!jensen ackles is not homophobic¡¡¡
*Jensen Ackles is not homophobic*


Jensen is as homophobic as Misha is, which is to say not at all!

seriously Just because somebody doesn’t like shipping doesn’t mean they are homophobic

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B & B #bones

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"If they figure out that we’re closing in on them, I’m not going to sit back and wait for the worst to happen."

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